The dating app for Africans

Toast has been designed to give Africans all over the world access to each other to start new relationships.

googleplay-logo * Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

Discover Someone Amazing

We aim to be Africa’s best dating & matchmaking app by making it easy for you to discover interesting people near you or where you are going to, send them a toast to show your interest and if they reply, it's a Match!, but there is more. You could just make new buddies and be really cool friends with real people and make real connections.

Somes interesting features

People Finder: Section that helps you search and recommend people

Buddies: You can have buddies and share your admirers with them to help you pick.

Gifts: You can give gifts to your favorites and show them love

Premium features: We've got premium features to make the experience even more better. These and so much more...