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Top 20 Political Party Logos in Nigeria! What were they thinking???

With the recently concluded elections in Nigeria, we have been exposed to a lot of horrors. No, I do not mean the bubbles of violence in several states or the promises of change that are still yet to be fulfilled, I’m talking about visual horrors, the type that makes you cringe, then laugh hysterically, just before you are completely overwhelmed by sadness for this nation and the direction in which it’s headed. Before we dive into the body of this write-up, it’s vital that we go over a little design lesson, so bear with me.

Here comes the age-old question, What is a logo?

In the most simple terms, a logo is the face of a company, brand or organization. It is a symbol that is deliberately associated with a brand and comes to represent everything that it stands for. You see the logo, and you think about the business it represents and more importantly, you remember the defining experience you have had with the brand/business/organization; just like with someone’s face, you see a picture of them and you’re unconsciously filled with anger because you remember that one time they slapped you for no reason.

Below are examples of some popular logos and the experiences that they have come to represent to us.

Rollover/touch & hold each logo for a surprise

Taste the feeling
Number 1 traffic food
Just do it
Slo... sorry Glo

Now that we have a clear understanding, let’s get to our list.

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1. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party

What are the two best avenues through which our beloved Nigeria can grow? The most common answers will most likely be Agriculture and Technology. The people at ANRP believe the same, so much so that they decided to make a logo that directly portrays that belief. Their logo is made up of a recently germinated plant growing out of a laptop screen, that is placed in the map of Nigeria. Isn’t that the most subtle and the most creative logo you’ve ever seen?

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2. Advanced Allied Party

The colors on this logo look like the ones on communist Russia’s flag, if you replace the green with the white. So, basically, this might be the “Nigerianised” communist party, with a weird twist—the golden spoon.

While mainstream communism is concerned with the working class taking power from the bourgeoisie, as represented by a sickle or hammer, the Nigerian branch places a special emphasis on “enjoying our laives” as referenced by the golden spoon. Says a lot about us, if we’re being honest.


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3. Advanced Nigeria Democratic Party

The idea here is pretty simple. The ANDP is a party of whistleblowers. Since corruption seems to be Nigeria’s “only” problem, it makes sense that someone is thinking up a viable solution, right?

This might also be a nod to the common “all of us must blow” parlance.

So, professional referees, umpires and snitches, saddle up. Your time is here.

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4. All Grand Alliance Party

Hahahahahahaha… Have you guys seen alien vs predator??? The people at AGAP are just tired of this country and believe that it is better to destroy Nigeria than to save it, so they have hired dangerous otherworldly creatures, put them in a red bus and are driving to Aso Rock to end it all. 😂😂😂😂😂

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5. All Progressives Grand Alliance

Ku ku ru kuuuuuuuu… I said KU KU RU KUUUUUU dammit!! Are you awake yet? The people of APGA want Nigeria to wake up and become the giant of Africa that she claims to be, hence the majestic cockerel as the chosen symbol for their Logo.

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6. Alliance of Social Democrats

This logo seems to be shedding rudimentary light on the Nigerian situation. Literally. Because if we’re being honest, there’s not much more to be gleaned from an image of a kerosene lantern over a Nigerian map.

There’s a dramatic twist to it, however. If you look carefully at the ‘light,” you discover that it isn’t fire—it is an electric bulb, which is connected to the lantern by a wire. We guess it’s a play on power (traditional, electrical and political). If there is a deeper meaning, we are still trying to figure it out… 🤔

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7. Allied Congress Party of Nigeria

No, this is no laughing matter. Seriously, seriously, just hear me out. What are squirrels known for? If you say for running through trees and along fences, rummaging through trash bins, hoarding and burying nuts, and stealing food then you’re absolutely right. See where I’m going?

To make matters worse, it looks like an angry 2-year-old was ordered to draw this logo or face missing out on his dinner. It’s so bad even squirrels will reject this image.

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8. Allied Peoples Movement

The APM logo is an eye-straining assortment of conflicting colors, fit into an image that looks weirdly like the map of Abuja—Nigeria’s capital city, or a trash bag, or a singlet, with tubers of cassava thrown somewhere in there. Are we sure Tekno is not a member of this party?

We’re pretty certain that the trash bag or singlet speaks to the core of Nigeria that should never see the light of day (a trash bag belongs in the trash, and a singlet is underwear).

And the cassava industrial revolution they are trying to start? Well, that’s a one-size-fits-all solution to all our problems.

Hungry? Garri, Eba, Cassava Chips, Cassava bread, Tapioca, Fufu

Bad roads? Plug the pot-holes with cassava residue.

War? Poison your enemies with cassava cyanide.

Electricity? Biogas/Biofuel production from cassava waste.

Heck, cassava can even mend a broken heart.

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9. Alternative Party of Nigeria

This party really missed the chance to use Odunsi’s face as their logo 🤦🏿‍♂️. It might have won them a few Alte fan votes at the polls 🤷🏿‍♂️. Regardless of this error, from the logo, we understand why this party is called the Alternative Party.

You see, the logo is an image of an unidentified creature in a spider’s web. It is not a spider (a spider typically has eight legs and two body segments, this…contraption has ten legs and three body segments). So, the fact that this creature is comfortably set in a spider’s web, an environment that should be alien to it is pretty unusual. A perfect descriptor of an average Nigerian politician in an elective position if you ask us.

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10. Better Nigeria Progressive Party

Please note that this party is first and foremost a progressive party. So progressive in fact, that they have opted to use a Caucasian family as the models in their logo. 👏🏿👏🏿

What does it mean? You ask. Well, to us, it means that their first point of call is to run a forward-thinking, inclusive (the kid on the right seems to be wearing a hijab), and open government with loose immigration laws, where foreigners are free to build whatever life they want.

Take that, Donald Trump.

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11. Democratic Peoples Party

Ah sh*t, here we go again. Another plant!!?

If these people don’t put crops in their logos, will they die? 

This logo is literally the flag of Sierra Leone… with a f*cking Pineapple in it. That’s it! That’s the entire logo.

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12. Hope Democratic Party

This party has identified Nigeria’s problem, and to them, it is undeniably hunger. Through this logo, they are telling us that they have searched far and wide, even in the deepest parts of the oceans and have found that the solution is… wait for it—Fish!

You get fish, I get fish. We all get fish! They’re the Fishing Oprahs. Oprah Fishery, if you will.

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13. Independent Democrats

While this logo might seem like a tacky attempt at pointing out Nigeria’s pipe-borne water problems, it might actually be speaking to a deeper, more concealed meaning—our collective identity problem. See the “ID” written boldly below the running tap? Yeah, it is not random.

Also, notice how the tap-head is a different colour to the body of the tap in itself? Doesn’t it remind you of those feisty landlords that would seize tap-heads in order to regulate water supply? If this is the ID party plan then we, of course, do not recommend.

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14. Liberation Movement

This party logo might as well be the backdrop for the birthday celebration of a 5-year-old. It was probably cut out of a party invite and scanned. Say what you will about it however, the heart of the designer is in the right place, seeing as it mirrors the mindset of the average Nigerian. Which Nigerian does not like owambes or parties? Show me one.

Ultimately, the Liberation Movement are trying to show us that they are a flexing party; and that suffering might be temporary, but enjoyment must be eternal.


Mass Action Joint Alliance Party Logo
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15. Mass Action Joint Alliance

MAJA party. Sigh.

Okay so this is a logo of a school kid going to, or coming back from school. We get it, education is the solution to many of Nigeria’s problems. However, what’s with the winter boots and university graduation caps?

Ohhh, it’s probably a play on how climate change could possibly affect the future generation, or a general design fault.

Because we are nice people, we will stick to the first option 😏

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16. Modern Democratic Party

Nothing says ‘modern’ like Banky W’s sense of style or cloning Barack Obama’s Hope ’08 campaign logo.

Can we steal it? YES, WE CAN!

Blatant plagiarism with no care in the world. The worst part is that in their sheer brilliance they believed that changing the reds to green and the blues to yellow instantly made it unrecognisable. Their design insight should go down in record books and be taught in school around the world. Such mastery in plagiarism should definitely be celebrated.

We sincerely hope they don’t end up ruling Nigeria. Because if they can steal a logo from a world-renowned brand, only God knows what they can’t steal.

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17. National Rescue Movement

If there’s one thing that all Nigerians agree on, it’s the fact that our country needs help. Serious one at that. Which is why the NRM, in their magnanimity, have volunteered to step in.

How will they do it? You might ask. Well, it’s all there in the logo.

Combine the work ethic of a bee, with its ability to defend its colony and punish aggressors and put down internal strife and you have a working model for a country filled with over 180 million people. 👍🏿

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18. New Generation Party of Nigeria

Listen up, Nigerians. Your cries for a wind of change have been heard by the NGPN and they are about to spur it with—wait for it—a local handmade fan. Tada!

Forget the impracticable nature, and just appreciate the heart behind it. If anything, it shows that these ones actually plan to put some effort into governance, because have you ever had to fan someone for extended periods? 😅

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19. Peoples Coalition Party

This logo fits into a lot of different scenarios. Here:

“Everybody must hammer.” ✔

“Fix up the country.” ✔

“Beat corruption—and corrupt people—to a pulp.” ✔

“Be tight-fisted with our resources.” ✔

They really hit the nail on the head with this one.

A1 for practicality.

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20. Peoples Democratic Movement

It seems like this party has given up on the practicality of Nigeria ever having constant electricity and are suggesting that they have an alternative—flashlights. They should sign Zaki Azzay as the face of the party.

Looking closely at the logo, however, you notice one thing, the flashlight is not even on. An artificial, poorly aligned light flare was placed in front of it. I guess it’s safe to say that not only do they not have power, but even their batteries are also drained

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21. United Democratic Party

Just stare at this work of art, just look at it. It’s so full of meaning right?

According to their website, their logo is made up of a hoe (farm equipment), the sun and a house.

Can you identify them?

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, please leave a comment and tell us what you think about the logos.

We are not just design critics, we are amazing designers too. Check out some of our most recent work here!


  • Wande Sebastian
    June 13, 2019

    It’s quite sad how bad these things get , moreover many of these “top” parties don’t buy the idea if rebranding … Hence what we looking at right now.

    I mean even APC use the Broom and PDP an Umbrella … Just shows the state of the country as a whole …

    Everything needs to rebranded and reorganized.

    I love this write-up by the way , it defines the real idea of a logo , and it’s long term purpose.

    • Toast
      June 14, 2019

      Thanks Wande. We hope that things get reorganized and that we get some of the branding jobs, lol

  • Oluwayemi
    June 13, 2019


    As horrible and sad as those logos were, this particular piece was a really fun read.

    Great job.

    • Toast
      June 14, 2019

      Lol, thank youuuu!! Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Nmerichim
      January 24, 2021

      Tnx it was of good help

  • ef_off
    June 13, 2019

    Amazing read!
    This had me laughing so hard, i think i’m missing my behind.
    Think you can ask them APN people where I can find a cassava replacement?

    • Toast
      June 14, 2019

      😂😂😂😂 laughter makes you live longer bro!

  • Salewa
    June 14, 2019

    Very interesting read! Sad as it is, I couldn’t help laughing!

    • Toast
      June 19, 2019

      Lol, thank you!

  • Dimeji
    June 17, 2019

    The piece shows Nigeria from another angle and I couldn’t agree less that these folks are jokers.

    As for Banky, I think he was saved to be caught by your poll. His former logo wasn’t that brilliant as well… It featured a ladder and the typical politician colors. He was only saved by the changing of his logo on the ballot paper

    Then Toast came to open his yansh

    Great job tho, I enjoyed every piece of it. Hopefully it teaches people to have branding jobs to the real ones who can do it properly

    • Toast
      June 19, 2019

      Thank you Dimeji !

  • Banke
    June 17, 2019

    Everything about us in Nigeria is so sad that I almost felt guilty for laughing (beautifully written article by the way). It’s a true depiction of the state of this country where even the very basic stuff is done so shabbily and without thought. Every time you are hopeful for this country, you come across stuff that kick your hope in the guts.

    • Toast
      June 19, 2019

      Thank you!


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