Our Culture

At Toast, our core philosophy is finding and creating solutions to problems and real impact is what drives us.  Sustaining this philosophy is very important to us; it is the very fabric of who we are and it is what differentiates us from all our competitors. 

Our mission is audacious, but we know it’s achievable.

We want to grow to a point where we are the go-to agency for every kind of creative solution. Whatever our client’s creative needs are, we have it covered. 

With over 300 clients globally and over 700 individual projects, we’re proud of our work so far, but we’re just getting started. We’re truly excited about the possibilities our future holds. 

We thrive because our people thrive.

We should all be CEOs

As much as we want you to prioritize Toast, we also encourage you to have and develop your personal passions and side hustles. 

We are also happy to partner with you on your personal projects, businesses, or causes.

Bring your own office

While it may differ per role and nature of the task, we offer our employees the option of working remotely.

What really matters to us is that the work is done efficiently and that deliverables are met when due.

You must learn by force

We place a huge emphasis on continuous learning, it is for this reason that we provide all employees access to Skillshare premium to upskill themselves on a weekly basis.

It’s bigger than 9-5

We want employees that believe in a better world and put effort into creating that world. 

If you have a cause you want to volunteer for, we would be happy to hear about it, support you and maybe even partner with the cause.

The people behind the magic

Current Job Openings

Social Media Manager

The ideal candidate for this role is passionate about reading, ideating, and creating content that is infused with imagination, wit, and humor.

We are particularly interested in managers who have proven proficiency in managing a team of graphic designers, creative writers, motion graphic designers, etc.