Social Media Manager

The ideal candidate for this role is passionate about reading, ideating, and creating content that is infused with imagination, wit, and humor. 

We are particularly interested in managers who have proven proficiency in managing a team of graphic designers, creative writers, motion graphic designers, etc. 

Our ideal candidate is up-to-date on trends, well-versed on different social media platforms, and has a knack for organisation and order. They must also be great team players, pay attention to detail, love to learn, be willing to work with tight deadlines and be comfortable with proofreading and editing.

On a typical day, the candidate will be expected to research, ideate, and come up with creative posts on topics ranging from social media to aerospace engineering.


Key Requirements

  • Professional fluency in written and spoken English language 
  • A social media portfolio (List of pages you currently manage or have managed in the past.)
  • Self-motivation and a commitment to our team’s core values 



  • A personal active social media account
  • Experience working in a digital/creative/branding agency.


Please Note

The candidate will be asked to complete a brief and fun ideating exercise as part of the application process.

Apply Now

Please input links to Social Media Pages you currently manage or have managed in the past
Please input links to any supplemental documents/pages