Local restaurant, world-class experience

Adun is a local restaurant that uses food as a medium to show off Nigerian culture to the world.

They needed a visual identity that would stand out in the highly competitive global food industry, presenting Nigerian cuisine in a way that people have never seen before.

It was imperative that their target audience – young Nigerians around the world – could feel, see, smell and taste the authentic Nigerian experience.





Art Direction

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity


Marketing Assets


Kazeem Oguntoyinbo

Elijah Adediran

Iyebiye Olatokun

Funmi Olukanni

Logo: After considering many different ideas, we decided on a hand-drawn symbol of the popular Nigerian party pot (Àdògán in Yoruba) that stylishly and functionally infuses the word “Adun” into the mark.

Colour: We chose Red as the main brand colour as it represents the red peppers, tomatoes and oils used as main ingredients in cooking many Nigerian meals, even the legendary Jollof rice.

Packaging: We designed food packaging that was unique, sustainable, readily available in various markets and affordable.

Marketing Materials: We also conceptualized brand strategy for the grand launch of the restaurant, and designed key brand materials such as signage (made to fit the traditional style), food packaging, aprons, t-shirts, tote bags etc.

Adun Aprons

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