Produce Junction.

How can we increase sales of cold-pressed juices using instagram only?

Craving fresh cold-pressed juices in Lagos, Nigeria?

Produce Junction is the plug!

Our challenge was to push their sales numbers to a mark befitting of their awesome products and come up with business and creative strategies that will make that a reality. Our first step was to do in-depth research into the healthy food industry in Nigeria and create a 30-page growth strategy document from our results. Some of our suggestions included CSR initiatives, cross-promotion, subscription packages, etc.

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Within a few weeks, we had started to notice a visible increase in weekly sales numbers, and with this came problem number two. We were faced with the problem of having to deal with multiple DMs from enquiring customers before being able to make a sale. We got countless messages like “I want orange juice”, “How much is it?”, “What’s inside the juice?”, “How can I order?” etc.

To solve this problem, we came up with a 3-step ordering process. We created Instagram story posts detailing each item on their menu and separated them into different categories, each category was in turn placed in a highlight on their profile. Now, customers just select the menu item they want and send it directly to Produce Junction’s DM.

Video breakdown of new ordering system for Produce Junction
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We strongly believe that our calling is to find novel ways to solve real-world business problems and with our work on Produce Junction, we are one step closer to that goal

30 page strategy document created for produce junction

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