Odasé Beauty.

How did our brand turn Odasé into a compelling luxury and well-being symbol for the vibrant youth?

Odasé is a promising Nigerian start-up in the beauty, health and wellness industry. They are in the process of launching their cosmetic line – Odasé Beauty, with Odasé Beauty Salon and Odasé Wellness Spa coming soon after. We were asked to create a brand image that exudes luxury, class, and beauty with an appeal to the younger audience (youth and young adults).






Art Direction

Brand Identity

Marketing Assets



Jide Awulonu

Momurewa Ala

Eniola Femi-Oni

Tokoni Larry Parkins

Odase Beauty Make up box

The brand name is a brilliant combination of the surnames of the founders – Odekunle and Falasé. With this knowledge, we created the logo to depict their individuality, using the extended slash on the “A” as a separator. 

Odase Beauty Business Card

 We also worked on their business stationery – cards, letterhead, carry bag etc., the packaging for their lipgloss and cosmetic kit.

Letterhead and Invoice
Odase Beauty Carry Bag
Odase Beauty Lip gloss packaging

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